Who Are we

Malaysia’s top mobile and e-commerce solution innovator.

As one of the top mobile and e-commerce solution company in Malaysia, iNetSOHO aims to provide solution and design that are innovative, high quality and practical for both B2B and B2C markets not just in our homeland, but also Asia.

Our core services

We specialized in IT services and solution delivery in:

  • Mobile app
  • e-commerce / e-marketplace platform
  • On-demand mobile app

Our ingrained principles and cultural cornerstones empower us to creatively innovates, and spawn practical products, services and solutions in enabling O2O capabilities to businesses both locally and globally.

Our dedicated teams ensure utmost integrity and excellence level focusing in customer value of our products, services and offerings.

What can we do for you




Our culture

  • Young and dynamic team We encourage debate between our team member
  • Fun working environment
  • Birthday party according to Birthday month
  • Not to mention basic benefits like EPF, SOCSO, annual leaves, medical treatment etc.
  • Oh well, if you think you can fit into our team, drop your resume to us now!


  • Log in using phone number
  • Receive a SMS with tag to log in.
  • Able to select languages.
  • Shows up to 6 vouchers in the homepage..
  • Search column on the top of the app.
  • Able to show up to 4 pictures in the coupon page..
  • Have a write up about the product.
  • Your choice of promotion.
  • May add in coupon expiration date.
  • User can redeem by pressing the redeem button.
  • Able to set the amount of coupon.
  • A scroll bar at the top showing the latest products, coupon or even an advertisement.
  • Able to add in different section example F&B, Retail and Services.
  • Able to sort by new or nearby coupon.
  • Able to receive notification.
  • There’s a HELP button with FAQ and contact us page.
  • Easy to manage admin backend.

Example App

  • Sign up using phone number/Facebook/Email Address
  • Pop up promotional poster after log in
  • List all the services on home page.
  • System auto retrieve location using GPS.
  • Able to schedule services.
  • Payment method using cash/credit card.
  • System auto retrieve location using GPS.
  • Able to schedule services.
  • Payment method using cash/credit card.
  • Create coupon for promotional period and marketing activities.
  • Check service history
  • Different languages option.
  • Able to set music
  • Create promotional function for services.
  • Share for friends.

Example App

Contact Us

Office Address

C-21-3A, Trillion, 338, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

03-2712 8463

Kuala Lumpur, Ampang Park

Open Hours

Monday - Friday 8.00 am to 5 pm