iNetSOHO was established in 2017 with an aspiration to become a global mobile and e-commerce solution innovator. As mobile adoption continues to grow at a rapid pace and businesses are continually looking out for more imaginative applications and mobile solutions, we are committed to deliver end-to-end innovative mobile and e-commerce solutions to businesses in Asia and other strategic markets globally.

Our Services
At iNetSOHO, the services offered include online and offline mobile and web platforms for traditional businesses to build their brand awareness, products and social media presence. Via practical, strategic and innovative solutions, iNetSOHO assists companies to take their business to the next level where awareness, competitiveness and conversion can be achieved and maintained.

Our Culture
Innovation is our culture. iNetSOHO believes that innovation is lifelong learning and with the right attitude and mentality towards challenges, innovation can be encouraged and achieved. iNetSOHO also believes in doing something different or viewing a problem from a different perspective as by doing so, the first step to innovation is potentially fruitful, productive and successful. iNetSOHO is thus a firm believer that innovation and change will make everything better and certainly easier.