What is uMassage?

uMassage is a platform for customer to order massage service to their doorstep. Pamper yourself to a massage session at your preferred place - your home, office, or hotel.


Why choose uMassage?

Save Time

We understand your needs. If you are a working adult, a stay home mom, you can save your time to travel to a massage parlour. No more hassle of travelling in the traffic and walking under the hot sun. Now you are just a few clicks away to enjoy a massage session at home! We do not only provide massage service, but we also provide convenience. You can choose to enjoy massage at your home, your office and even hotel.

You Decide

You can choose your own mood. You can enjoy massage at your most comfortable place- your room, and play your favourite music. Moreover, you can even enjoy some snacks and tea in between.

Stay Relaxed

You can stay relaxed after the massage, lay back on your couch to watch a movie, or enjoy a bath, without needing to drive back from the massage parlour.

Worry Free

No more worries of traveling in the night to a massage parlour or went to illegal ones. You can choose your masseur while booking for your next massage session, and rate the masseur.

Ideal For Events

You can always ask for some massage to relax your mind. It can be a sleep over, a corporate event, or even when you are feeling stress working in the office.

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